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…and another thing  by John Stettaford

What a mess everything is in!? Whether we’re talking politics, Brexit, post Brexit—whatever it is, it’s in an unholy mess!

Usually when things look dire, interest in religion increases. Whether it’s Shintoism in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami of two years ago; or Catholicism and Voodoo in Haiti following its hurricane. But I detect no shift among the masses to look heavenward. (Nor, if I’m honest, among Christians, including the ministry!)

So where else are the nations to look? The trouble is, they have burned their boats. They have signed up hook, line and sinker for myths and that false messiah, science—or rather, mis-science or science not based on neutral belief. Our science is founded on evolution which is perverted science. And, as we all may understand, if you start out on a false premise, you can never reach the truth.

The fact is, our certainty, based on Christian faith and trust, supposedly visible as a witness to all, isn’t getting through.

Or is it?

I think we need to be patient in the storm that swirls all around us, avoiding being part of that storm but facing it with faith and confidence no matter what. And asking to be more visible.

I remember when I was working in the 1960s for a large, famous company in London, I discovered several of the directors of one section were actively preparing to survive the maelstrom they then saw coming. I was invited to join them. At the time we as a fellowship were not anxious to identify ourselves, and I have subsequently bemoaned to myself the missed opportunity this presented.

I have no doubt that educated, connected people are actively preparing to survive whatever it is they see ahead of us as a nation or as a world. One such programme on one of the documentary channels on tv suggested that if and when global warming comes to its fulfilment in the middle of this century, sea levels could rise by 150 ft or so globally. Well, assuming that I’m still alive then, my house would just survive above the waves. In fact, I might find that I’m living on a beach-front combo, since I’m on the 200 ft contour line.

But man persists in believing in himself that all his problems can be solved and by him. And one by one this idea is being whittled away; actually we might have a solution but there appears no way to implement it. The will is there, but the enforcement and agreement is not.

But it’s not just me that has no idea about certain problems. Is global warming a man-made phenomenon? Or is it a cyclical thing that man’s activities have made more extreme? The jury, as they say, is out on that one.

And it’s not just global crises which dog us, domestic ones seem only to get worse. I have no idea whether we should be for Brexit or again’ it, but it would be preferable if politicians and others united into what is best for the nation. But, of course, there’s no consensus there. It’s every politician for himself or herself.

It’s good, however, that we Christians are able to look into the Book and read that, in the end, we succeed. Or rather, God does. He has the solutions to all our dilemmas. That’s not to say as God’s-appointed stewards of this globe, we shouldn’t try our best. But we do need to be willing to acknowledge where we really have no answer to our dilemmas.

And despite all the woes we have to live with, that’s the biggest woe of all, that man won’t acknowledge that, really, he hasn’t a clue what to do about most things, and where he does, he has no means of bringing it to pass. Unlike God.

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