40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary of the Reading Congregation

Welcome to our page commemorating our 40th anniversary. For those who were there, the photos and other items will provide happy memories; for those who weren’t able to make it, they will help you rejoice with us. If you were there and took pictures, or would like to make a comment, please forward them to our webmaster (webmaster@wcg-reading.org.uk) and he’ll add them in.

One of the most fundamental changes in our fellowship over the last 50-60 years is our understanding of grace. This has fundamental implications for our celebration, as well as the world, because we are all included. Here is the entire 40th anniversary service, including National Ministry Leader James Henderson’s message on Grace.

40th anniversary service of the Reading congregation

I would like to thank the Reading brethren for making your 40th Anniversary so enjoyable. It was like a mini Feast. No-one was so old that I didn’t recognise them any more. Isn’t God’s Spirit wonderful to keep us looking so perky after 40 hard years? I’d like to think that in another 40 years we will be looking even more radiant.
Best Wishes,
Di Hall.

It was a good day and everyone was cheerful and happy. The boss [Peter Noon] was very pleased with the atmosphere so I am sure you must be very pleased with how the day went. Our Southampton lot thought it went marvellously well and gave us some ideas for our event in April.
Hope to see you soon
Neville Hutchinson

On behalf of all of us at the Southampton Church thank you for letting us share in Reading’s very successful fortieth anniversary service and celebrations.
It was a most enjoyable day for us all, and well worth the extra travelling involved. The food and drink after the service was lavish, and the fellowship memorable. We look forward to inviting you all to Southampton’s 40th anniversary celebrations planned for 25 April.
Very best wishes,
Peter Noon

Joy and I enjoyed the 40th celebration on Saturday.
All the best.                                     
Mike Barlow.

Dear John,
Thank you so much for inviting our church members to the 40th anniversary service and tea party at Reading church recently. All the members of Southampton church enjoyed the service and occasion and the following very generous buffet lunch and tea. Please thank all of your members, and Lisa’s daughter, for their generous contributions towards the first class food and cake. Our grateful thanks and our love in Christ to you all on behalf of our church group.
Roberta and Paul Dickson.

Reading’s 40th Anniversary celebration was a great success.  It was easy to see that everyone there was inspired and encouraged by the warmth of the occasion.  And we all thoroughly enjoyed the day!
Best regards,
Robin & Shirley Jones

Pictures courtesy of John Armstrong, Tim Roberts and Chris Burmajster.