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…and another thing  by John Stettaford

Have you received your invitation to the wedding? I’m referring, of course, to the wedding of Prince Harry and his Meghan. No? Neither have I. It’s billed as “the people’s wedding” and the couple are supposed to be inviting ‘ordinary’ people. But, one supposes, ordinary people whom they know or know of through the work that they might do.

Since an invitation to a wedding usually involves a present, perhaps you’re not so miffed that you haven’t been invited. After all, what can an ‘ordinary’ person give to a couple linked to one of the wealthiest families in the world?

On the other hand, of course, as Christians we have already received an invitation to a wedding and to the reception following. I’m referring, of course, to the wedding supper of the Lamb. A royal wedding indeed! And our participation in it is already promised, with a heavenly reservation assured for us.

One wonders where that supper will be. Certainly not at Windsor. Surely, the immediate thought is, at Jerusalem, where Jesus has just returned to. But, given that cities’ immediate condition, where would such a banquet be held? Or given that Jerusalem will have suffered significant damage leading up to Christ’s return, would it be suitable for such a prestige occasion? Well, speculation is always fun, and we might speculate that it might be held somewhere else. Could it even be in heaven, I wonder, where there is no limitation as to space, no clutter, as might be on earth, no limitation as to seating and tables, and no shortage of angelic helpers to serve and clear away?

And then, again, what would be on the menu? Would it be a vegan choice, or what animals would have been slaughtered in vast numbers to provide the various courses? Interesting, isn’t it!? I can’t see us feasting on manna, but the food might have been conjured, if you’ll forgive the limitations of human-speak, purely from spirit. But then, when Jesus invited his disciples to join him in breakfast at the Sea of Galilee after his resurrection, although there were already fishes cooking, he invited them to add more.

But then there are those who consider that this will be a pseudo-feast. Not really food and drink eaten. After all, spirit-being don’t need sustenance from physical food. But then again, Jesus himself said that he would drink wine, new wine, in his kingdom with us. And he’s been a spirit being again now for over 2,000 years.

Well, let’s not get too tangled up in human speculation. However it’s done and wherever it might happen, our invitation is reserved for us in heaven. All we have to do is to “endure to the end”. And that could be sooner or later. We all hope, of course, much later. But in the meantime, as affianced brides, we should be doing what all brides do—preparing our “bottom drawer.” And yet most Christians have little concept of growing, of adding to, or of drawing closer to our bridegroom daily in our present lives. In one of Christ’s less-happy parables, those invited to that feast all neglected to turn up, and the host was obliged to invite others. With our invitation already waiting, it would indeed be sad if we neglected any aspect of the Christian expectations of us by our husband-to-be.

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