Worldwide Church of God

Bridlington Recordings, 2016

So often Christianity is impersonal. But we need to take it personally. Christ died for you; we are crucified with Christ.

Taking Christ to the people - Robert Harrison 43’ 00"

Offerings today are very similar to historic offerings. Why take the trouble to give an offering at all in today’s world?

Why bother? - Roger Clark 12’ 12”

Looking to the original concept of Zion, it was all very physical and based on hate. But contrast that with the spiritual Zion which we all look to.

Jesus, king in Zion - James Henderson 57’ 59”

Christians have special fears. The Bible has information to counter those fears , to help us. And we always have Jesus on our side.

Christian fears - James Henderson 56’ 07”

When we examine scripture we find that Christ is everywhere - even, or especially - in areas where we never considered finding Him before.

Christ in all the scriptures - David Stirk 19’ 36”

Looking at the record, David looked to God for victory. We too, need to see beyond our problems and look to God.

David and Goliath - Peter Sheppard 13’48”

We’re on a great journey, which is as exciting as our destination. Progress is not just in physical areas, spiritual progress has happened too.

Our exciting journey - Mark Ellis 48’08”

Jesus was many things, fulfilled many roles. But, in addition, and first of all, he was and is God.

If Jesus isn’t God…. - David Stirk 52’57”

Our service with some thoughts concerning its importance and relevance.

Communion - John Stettaford 27’21”

We need to understand how Jesus regards the Earth and nature.

There is no other name whereby the Earth may be saved - Denys Fell 50’40”

It is so important for the Christian to understand this. So let’s look at some of the biblical proofs to help us.

Jesus the Messiah - Peter Sheppard 53’40”

A recounting of what’s going on concerning the preaching of the Word locally.

Preaching the Gospel locally - Denys Fell 12’14”

If Adam and Eve were losers because they believed a single lie, what are we, surrounded as we are by all the lies in our society? And what can we do about it?

Beliving lies - Mark Ellis 51’32”

If there’s one name only whereby we may be saved, consider one of the false names - Mithras. See how close to the truth he was, and be spared this trap.

Other ‘no other names’ out there - John Stettaford 19’00”

The trouble is, mankind has always had another god in place of the real God - himself.

The importance of Jesus being God - David Stirk 45’40”

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