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Grace Communion International (UK) has had a congregation meeting in Reading for over 40 years ago at various sites and a couple of years ago we celebrated our 40th anniversary. We are a small family-oriented church whose strengths lie in Biblically-based teaching and care for each other. We are about 20 strong, meeting on Saturday mornings all year round, although not always in the same location. We are one of 52 congregations meeting in the UK and Ireland and we have congregations all around the world.

Our services include elements of worship and teaching. We also conduct Bible Studies, which provide greater opportunity to study God’s Word, which we consider to be the foundation for all living for a Christian. Our fellowship is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and our pastor is a member of Churches in Reading.

Over the next few pages it is our pleasure to give information about ourselves. Contact addresses are given and links with other organisations. We look forward to meeting you at some time in the future, either at our services, or, if we can help, privately. We are here to serve God and his people.

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Other websites from Grace Communion International (GCI):

wordoflife@gracecom.church supplies biblical thoughts and a framework for daily study of the Word which you can have sent directly to your inbox. It also provides an outline for prayer connected to the subject matter.

GCI’s  Summer Educational Programme (SEP) www.sepuk.org a 2 week summer activity camp for teenagers, now has its own website. You can find out all about the programme and check out the program for the forthcoming year and download an application form directly from the site.

….and don’t forget to visit the two main GCI websites https://www.gci.org/ and http://gracecom.org.uk/ 

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